Ultradent Tools made in U.S. are superior quality with over 600 Paintless Dent Removal tools and accessories. A comprehensive range of hand tools, bars, lights, bonnet stands, glues and glue pulling, and much more. Kits are available for both training to professional full kits.

Ultradent Tools Shop Australia

Ultradent Tools Shop Australia

Ultradent Tools Shop Australia

Ultradent Tools Australia sells a variety of top quality Ultradent Tools and Ultradent tool kits. These include Ultradent tools for pushing dents, glue pulling and accessories, lights, and bonnet stands. Ultradent are amongst the top quality brands sold around the world and used by the best PDR Technicians in the business. They are made with a life time of performance in mind and provide excellent support for their products. (Please note pricing does not include shipping as it has to be calculated for each item or combinations of items based on size, weight and shipping distributor - we attempt to provide the most optimum pricing).

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Shaved Tools

Bendable Johnson

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